Professionals that Benefit from Chiropractic: Nurses

Nurses are one of the most common types of professionals who seek chiropractic care. I’ve had the privilege of helping nurses from St Louis area hospitals like Cardinal Glennon, BJC, St Luke’s, Missouri Baptist, SLU, and St John’s, and am grateful for the trust they’ve placed in me by choosing my chiropractic office.

The main reason nurses begin receiving care is because their jobs can be so physically demanding. Routinely helping patients in and out of hospital beds during 12-hour shifts can be exhausting. In addition, many nursing positions are extremely stressful. In the average shift, nurses may have 10+ patients to care for, plus a whole mess of paperwork to complete. Often times they’re too busy to take a break, so they’re forced to be at “full throttle” nonstop. And to top it off, there’s the emotional support that nurses have to provide their patients. That can be exhaustive in and of itself!

What this adds up to over time is chronic aches and pain, fatigue, and joint stiffness that impacts their ability to work. Headaches, neck tension, numbness/tingling in their hands, pelvic pain, hip and low back pain are common complaints that nurses can experience on the job.

Chiropractic care plays an important role in restoring balance to the spine and nervous system. My nurse-patients have reported feeling more energy, and become much less dependent on pain relievers to get them through the day. It’s tremendously rewarding to be able to help them perform the jobs they do so well.