4 Ways to Develop Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

The four pictures above are seemingly insignificant positions that often lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Here are some basic suggestions to help you avoid these problems:

* When searching for a parking space, try and find one that you can pull into with your headlights facing outward. This will enable you to drive straight forward when leaving, as opposed to wrenching your neck looking for cars as you back out.

* When having your hair washed at the salon, face the bowl instead of sitting the conventional way. It might look a little different, but the “normal” way can hyper-extend your neck as well as stress your vertebral arteries.

* Don’t sleep on your stomach, ever. Check out my previous blog post on this topic by clicking here.

* And last, but not least, don’t hold the phone between your neck and shoulder, especially while performing other tasks. Use a headset, hold the phone up to your ear, or simply don’t answer the phone if you’re preoccupied.