Can Women with Painful Periods Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

I got some wonderful news this week from a female patient who’d been having painful periods all her life. On her first visit she told me that each month for up to two weeks she’d be incredibly moody and irritable, and that it was affecting her marriage.

After a few weeks of care, she said that her husband asked if she was might be pregnant because she hadn’t been moody at all lately, and he thought she might be “late.” Then she said that her period was actually almost over, and right then and there they realized her irritability and moodiness hadn’t occurred at all this month… So they were both ecstatic and credited Upper Cervical Care for the improvement.

So what’s the connection? How can chiropractic effect the periods? Well, when chiropractors reduce nerve pressure from within the spine, the body functions better. It’s really that simple!

Here’s a video testimonial from a female patient with menstrual trouble who also noticed improvements after visiting an Upper Cervical chiropractor.