Why Do You Have a Spine?

We all know the purpose of our teeth… to reduce food down to a size manageable by the rest of our digestive system. That’s why we have tooth brushes, tooth paste, tooth picks, dental floss, tongue scrapers, mouth wash, and dentists… to make sure our teeth can do their job properly!

But have you ever considered the purpose of your spine? It’s brilliantly designed to provide:

Support – The spine is responsible for good posture and supporting the weight of your body. It’s what allows you to stand upright.

Movement – Many people will never realize how important their spines are for bending, twisting, and moving… that is, until they injure it. Seemingly simple actions like turning your head while pulling out of a parking space, or reaching to pick up an envelope from your desk are entirely dependent on a healthy spine. These movements are nearly impossible with a ruptured disc.

Protection – The most vital role your spine plays is in the protection your spinal cord. Think of the spine as armor. It designed to shield the nervous system from injury. No other part of your body, apart from the skull, is completely encased in bone. That means it’s uber important!

You don’t have to be Lance Armstrong to know that if your bicycle has a bent wheel, you won’t be winning the Tour de France. This is an easy, no-brainer example of how well-balanced structure governs normal function. The Upper Cervical model of chiropractic care was founded on this “structure dictates function” precept. The quality of motion and balance within your spine is a very telling indicator of your overall health.

It’s impossible to be healthy with a misaligned spine full of degenerated joints and fused disc spaces. Spinal decay is a serious issue, and is often overlooked or completely neglected.

Realize that you use your spine every minute of every day for your entire life. While hips, hair, knees, and teeth can be replaced, your spine and nervous system cannot. This is why it’s critical that you stretch regularly, stay hydrated, and have a chiropractor to periodically check your spine to make sure it stays healthy and balanced.

You only get one spine and nervous system; make it count!