Stop the Pop! Not All Chiropractors Twist Your Neck

If you’re the type of person who cringes at the thought of having your neck adjusted, keep reading…

I’ve met a number of people who could really benefit from chiropractic care, but never bother calling a chiropractor because of the “Snap-Crackle-Pop” stigma of spinal adjustments.

I remember a conversation with a gentleman at my local Rotary Club about six years ago. He explained to me that his wife was having arm and neck pain. She tried a number of different approaches to get well… Advil, Tylenol, massage, physical therapy, and even cortisone shots! Unfortunately, none of it was working.

Then he said something that I’m sure many people can relate to: “She’s frightened by the neck-cracking, otherwise she’d go to a chiropractor.”

I responded by telling him that I’m not particularly fond of that method of adjusting either. He looked at me with a very puzzled look and asked, “Then how do you adjust people if you yourself don’t like having your neck popped?”

That’s when I explained the various ways a chiropractor can adjust the spine. Three days later, his wife called me, and within a short period of time the arm and neck pain significantly improved. This lead to having more energy at work, so she began taking on extra shifts… and later that year, she won an award for outstanding and dedicated service!

When you think about it, chronic pain can interfere with all aspects of your life… Hobbies, family, relationships, work…  If you’re experiencing health difficulties, but are afraid to visit a chiropractor, consider Upper Cervical Care. This unique approach to spinal adjusting is very gentle, incredibly specific, doesn’t involve any twisting or popping, and has helped thousands of people when other treatment measures failed.