Specific Chiropractic

The Atlas: “Function Junction”

Sitting directly beneath the skull is a 2-oz bone that I like to call Function Junction. Anatomically, it’s better known as “atlas” or C1. It’s designed to protect a vital aspect of your nervous system which controls “automatic” functions such as breathing, digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Messages stream to and from the brain through the center of this ring-shaped bone.

Unfortunately, the unique mobility of C1 makes it vulnerable to losing its normal position. The resulting pressure or irritation around “function junction” can cause a wide variety of health problems. Patients can experience headaches, back and neck pain, joint stiffness, high blood pressure, constipation, lack of energy, and insomnia, among other things. (Many of my previous blog posts further discuss issues that can develop.)

Problems that arise here can be so complex that some doctors undergo additional training to focus exclusively on this area. They’re commonly referred to as Upper Cervical specialists, or Specific Chiropractors.

When this area of the spine is positioned correctly, the brain and body are able to communicate more clearly. Appropriate structural balance contributes to healthier functioning organs, tissues, joints and cells of the body.

Many people are unaware that their health problems can respond well to Upper Cervical Care. If you’re fed up with being sick and in pain, it might be time to have your “function junction” checked by an Upper Cervical chiropractor.