Chiropractic Care May Reduce Risk of Alzheimers

A slow starvation of the brain over time is one of the major triggers of the biochemistry that causes some forms of Alzheimer’s, according to a new study that is helping to crack the mystery of the disease’s origins.

In this recent article, Robert Vassar of Northwestern University, found that when the brain doesn’t get enough glucose a process is launched that ultimately produces the sticky clumps of protein that appear to be a cause of Alzheimer’s. The brain can become deprived of adequate nutrients when blood flow through the vertebral arteries becomes restricted. “This finding is significant because it suggests that improving blood flow to the brain might be an effective therapeutic approach to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s,” Vassar said.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors have long been addressing the delicate balance between the head and neck. The top two bones of the cervical spine, Atlas and Axis, have a direct relationship with the vertebral arteries that feed the brain oxygen-rich nutrients. If one or both of these bones becomes misaligned, it will alter the biomechanics of the neck, potentially reducing blood flow to the brain.

If Robert Vassar’s findings are true, it stands to reason that Upper Cervical chiropractic care could potentially benefit many of the 10,000,000 baby-boomers who are at risk for developing Alzheimers in their lifetime.

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