Teachers Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Another type of professional who frequently seeks chiropractic care is the school teacher. From my clinical experience, I’ve found that teachers are some of the most highly stressed patients. Many people think the life of a teacher is “easy” because they get summers off… But if any professional needs a 3-month break, it’s a teacher!

Educators have to wear many different hats… They’re instructors, babysitters, counselors, public speakers, and employees! Not only are they responsible for teaching their students, but they also have to keep a watchful eye on them, and often lend a helping hand or an open ear to struggling students. They must address the concerns of parents (who are often more stressful to deal with than the students) and then make sure they fulfill the requirements their principal and school district places upon them.

Their jobs may not be as physically demanding as that of a nurse or laborer, but the mental focus and emotional fortitude that it takes to be a teacher inevitably pays its toll on their bodies. Headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder tension, as well as back and hip pain are some of the most common symptoms that bring teachers into my chiropractic office.

It’s been said that stress is the precipitating factor in approximately 90% of all disease. So it’s important that teachers take care of themselves, mentally and physically, if they want to continue helping children.

Of course chiropractic care helps the bodily aches and pains they may suffer, but it also improves their body’s response to stress, helping them perform their jobs better! That’s why it has always been a privilege to help teachers from school districts all over St. Louis!

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