What Does Traveling Do to the Spine?

Summertime is vacation season. I’ve noticed a trend amongst many of my patients who travel… they often need to be adjusted when they return home. I’ve long wondered what it was that made patients who otherwise could hold their adjustments for months at a time, need to be adjusted after traveling.

My theory is that it’s the positions we put ourselves in during the process of travel. If we’re in a car on a road trip, we fall asleep in all sorts of cockamamie positions. On planes we’re compelled to repeatedly look out the tiny window to observe the terrain.

Upon arrival, many people stay with friends or relatives, and sleep on crappy guest beds, short couches and unpleasant air mattresses. And the whole time we’re lugging around over-packed bags, and contorting our arms, shoulders and backs to carry them.

Unfortunately there’s not much a person can do to avoid these positions. Pack lightly, and be mindful of your body positions during the trip. Enjoy your vacations though, and when you get back, be sure to make an appointment to get checked by your chiropractor!

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