What is Body Imbalance?

The image below depicts a structural imbalance in the body resulting from upper cervical misalignment.

You might be surprised to learn that many cases of shoulder, back and pelvic pain are actually caused by a problem in the neck!

In an attempt to keep the eyes level with the horizon, your spine will bend, twist, and adapt as much as necessary.

Here’s what I want you to remember… If head/neck misalignment caused your pain sensations to develop, but you only address the other body parts that hurt, the problem will never go away.


  1. What Can Chiropractic Help With? « St Louis Chiropractor – Dr. Adam Tanase - 07/09/2010

    […] So how does this happen? Is chiropractic care a “cure” for TMJ, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, or psoriasis? No. It’s also not a cure for back/neck pain, headaches, or any other disease. These are all simply conditions that can develop when the body is in a chronic state of imbalance. […]

  2. What are Your Symptoms Telling You? « St Louis Chiropractor – Dr. Adam Tanase - 12/18/2010

    […] health. Your body has all sorts of different warning indicators. Headaches, fatigue, dry-mouth, joint pain, numbness/tingling, constipation, and fever are just a few examples. Yes, they’re annoying […]

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