Did You Know This About McDonald’s Cheeseburgers?

A former engineer, turned chiropractic student, shared this video on his blog recently. I’d like to duplicate this experiment to see if the results are universal.

The golden french fry on the left is older than the rotten black french fry on the right. Guess which one is from McDonald’s…

Julia Havey is an obesity activist and motivational speaker. She’s been holding onto a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries for almost 4-years, and asks the poignant question, “Why are our kids eating this?”

This video is definitely worth watching!


grandmastershek Wednesday at 20:39

The one on the right isn’t a fry. Its an uncooked piece of potato. It contains far more water than a cooked fry, has no salt on it, and has not been submerged in hot cooking oil. So the actual fry has been totally inhospitable to any sort of bacterial growth. The same goes for the burger, aside being dipped in cooking oil and coated in salt. Havey is trying to inspire fear to sell her books.

If she was an honest person she would have deep fried her own fry of comparable size, & made a burger of similar size for comparison. But she’s a liar.

    I don’t believe she’s trying to mislead anyone. Real food decays and attracts bacterial growth as it rots, while food coated with whatever artificial ingredients McDonald’s uses remains uncommonly preserved.

    Her point is that the chemicals used to prepare fast food should be questioned before consuming.

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