Do You Want to be Average?

The Average American…

  • … Watches 4-hours of TV per day
  • … Sees 30,000 commercials per year
  • … Gains 7-10 lbs during the holidays

In Just ONE Year, the Average American Eats

  • … 30 lbs of cheese; 22 lbs of ice cream
  • … 135 lbs of white/wheat breads, cereals, pancakes, cakes & cookies
  • … 19 lbs of rice; 11 lbs of pasta
  • … 78 lbs of added fats & oils due to food processing
  • … 35 lbs of cooking oil; 35 lbs of butter & margarine
  • … 152 lbs of added sugar; 587 cans of soda
  • … 111 lbs of red meat; 83 lbs of poultry & seafood
  • … 27 gallons of coffee; 28 gallons of beer

The Average American Also…

  • … Dies of heart disease, cancer, or errors from the medical system
  • … Is overweight or obese (60% of the population)
  • … Takes 4 medications per day by the time they reach 65

The point of this compilation of statistics is to teach you that if you want to live (and die) like everyone else, just do what they do! Medical research suggests that we should be able to live up to 120 healthy years… yet the average American lifestyle is a recipe for an early demise.

Look at your life compared to the average. Maybe it’s time to make a few changes?

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To quote the great Reggie Gold: “It’s not normal to be average.”

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