How NOT to Choose a Chiropractor

There are a variety of resources available online designed to help people find a chiropractor. So I decided to take a slightly different approach with this video… If I was searching for a good chiropractor, here are 5 ways I wouldn’t go about doing it:


I’ve enjoyed all your videos so far, but this one is far and away your best one yet. Keep it Dr. Tanase!

This is great! Thanks for doing this. I’m gonna post it all over facebook so everyone can see!

Hey doc, great video. One question for you… you mentioned how you would not choose a chiropractor who recommends a 40 visit plan vs. a 5 visit plan. It’s funny because when I have folks that move or people out of my area looking for a chiropractor, I tell them the exact opposite. I understand you can get relief in 5 visits, but are you really making a permanent change in only 5 visits? Is it not in the patient’s best interest to recommend what they need?

Be well!

    David, thank you for commenting. I’m definitely an advocate for recommending what a patient needs… But I’m opposed to two things: 1) Cookie-cutter care plans that have no rhyme or reason to their duration or frequency, and 2) Over-adjusting. In my experience providing Upper Cervical Care, patients can attain long-lasting holding times and substantial spinal changes with very few adjustments.

Overall good video. I agree with David’s comment about 5 visits verse 40 visits. You can definitely get relief in 5 visits, but not correction of a problem. Yes, there are chiropractors that I think abuse visits and trying to sell 100 visits up front, but each patient is different and needs a thorough evaluation to determine a treatment plan, with follow up exams to see how they are progressing and how much correction is taking place.
Also as for xrays… 2 dimensional with distortion and other factors I feel isn’t always necessary. Exposure to radiation isn’t always necessary, and many other procedures and evaluation processes can be done that are more safe and as effective. There are too many factors in taking xrays from patient placement, angle of the ray, etc that make it not as reliable as many that do rely on them make it seem so important.
Thanks for the content!

    Russell, thank you for comments as well. Can you tell me what procedures and evaluation processes you’re doing that are as effective as x-ray?

    As for patient positioning, I would invite you to visit an Upper Cervical office so that you may see the advantages of taking films in a specially designed Upper Cervical x-ray suite. This unique setup minimizes distortion and eliminates the common sources of error seen in standard imaging centers. I’d be happy to help you find an office near you if you’re interested in seeing this for yourself.

Nice tips Doc. Keep on sharing.

Great video and some good advice. I appreciate the benefits of x-rays but in some places (a lot of Europe and South America) Chiropractors aren’t permitted to take x-rays or can only take x-rays in extremely limited cases.
Sometimes there are only spoons.

Thanks for your comment about the need for x-rays as it confirms what I suspected should be done as a precaution. (Everybody in my world tells me I worry too much about those things!) To carry the matter further, would a MRI be even better than that, especially since my neck area may also need adjusting? Please advise and all the best to you.

I was getting painful numbness on my finger tips that woke me every hour. After chiropractic care it went away. I was going Mon-Thurs for about two months when I finally felt normal. I continued to go as frequently and now almost a year later the symptoms have returned…slowly at first. Now i was over adjusted. The chiropractor suggested that it was stress. I didn’t believe that to be the case. Now it’s been a month since symptoms returned but he has not changed or advised any changes. I fear I should have cut back but continued to go to ensure my neck would return to it’s proper position. This is great advise I should have done my due diligence sooner. I got caught up in the initial results.

I tried to look for a Chiro specializing in upper cervical care here on Oahu but couldn’t find one. Are you aware of any in Hawaii?

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