An Example of Spinal Trauma (Video)

While looking at their x-rays, patients will often ask me, “What caused this to happen?”

They’re hoping to link their problem to a specific incident that set the stage for spinal degeneration.

Sometimes these events took place so long ago that they’re difficult to remember. But that’s not the case for one of my most recent patients. Not only could she remember a very specific injury, but she also had the video to remind her of it! She’s been kind enough to allow me to share this clip with you.

In the slow motion recap, notice how her head and neck get whipped from side to side several times before the horse bucks her 6-8 feet into the air. Any phase of this process could be injurious to the spine, let alone the whole experience!

Despite how painful it looks, she’s very lucky. A similar event happened to Christopher Reeve. His fall fractured the top bone of his neck, which left him completely paralyzed.

Whenever you experience a slip, fall, or get knocked in the head, it’s very important to get checked by a chiropractor.

One Comment

brenda mitchell Monday at 16:19

You’ve convinced me, and believe me, I am passing this info on to all my friends that will listen and that’s a hard call sometimes.

From one perfect spine to another. Thanks for the education.

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