Where Do Bruises Go?

Bruises are a result of a soft tissue injury that causes damage to tiny blood vessels within your skin. It’s an indicator that an area of the body has been harmed. Bruises go through a metamorphosis after they first appear, changing colors several times (getting progressively uglier) as they heal. Within 7-10 days, these wounds typically disappear.

Have you ever thought about what enables the body to heal your bruises?

The answer is very simple… In fact, one word will suffice: Coordination.

I’m not referring to a lack of clumsiness here… The actual definition of coordination is “the organization of the different elements of a complex body so as to enable them to work together effectively.” Thanks to coordination between the brain, blood vessels and soft tissues of your body, bruises heal.

The most amazing thing about this is that we can totally forget about these bruises and they’ll still manage to heal themselves! This “auto pilot” function of the body occurs thanks to the Nervous System and the pivotal role it plays in all of your healing processes. But what do you suppose might happen if a person’s body began experiencing some degree of incoordination?

The chiropractic profession has sought to address this question since its inception. If the body depends upon coordination to heal us when we’re sick or injured, what does the body do if it’s incoordinated?

Perhaps the most important question of all…  Is your body coordinated?

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