Sync in Progress

If you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you’re no stranger to the special cable wire that’s used to recharge these devices.

Whenever I plug my iPhone into the MacBook, a unique audible tone indicates the device has been connected, followed by the glowing “Sync in Progress” screen. After the phone is finished communicating with iTunes, it settles into “charging” mode until the battery is fully restored.

We don’t have to be electronics experts for any of this to work. These products will automatically do what they’re designed and programmed to do after the “sync” process has been initiated.

A strange phenomenon occurs from time to time, however. Even though the device is plugged in and charging, it doesn’t sync with iTunes. Visibly, everything appears normal. It must be communicating with the computer (otherwise it wouldn’t be charging), but something is preventing the process from syncing.

It’s not difficult to remedy this problem when it happens… All I have to do is simply unplug and reconnect the cable. Sure enough, the tone will sound, and my iPhone will complete the sync.

A similar phenomenon can occur in our bodies. Think of your brain as the computer. Any muscle, organ or tissue in your body is the iPhone/iPod. In order to function the way they’re designed, they have to sync properly.

As effortless as it is for your brain to communicate with your body, there are times when a spinal problem can actually prevent this “sync” from happening correctly. When biomechanically stressed, certain regions of the spine can apply abnormal pressure to your muscles, joints, blood vessels and nerves.

Your health can suffer as a result of this pressure. That’s why it’s so important to get periodic checkups from your chiropractor… Just like those snazzy Apple products, your body will do what it’s designed and programmed to do as long as it’s “plugged in” properly.

Chiropractic care helps your brain/body stay in sync!

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