Stunning Beauty or Amazing Health – A Game of Millimeters

The following is a guest post written by Dr. Rob Shaw:

In the world of face-lifts and nose jobs, the difference between average looks and stunning beauty is amazingly only a few millimeters. Plastic surgeons know that subtle shifts from symmetry can drastically change our perceptions of beauty. Singer Ashlee Simpson’s “before and after” surgery pictures clearly demonstrate how millimeters of change can dramatically alter a person’s facial landscape and open new doors of marketability and opportunity.

Chiropractors also deal in a world of millimeters, but our results are far more important than just creating a pretty face. They create an incredible LIFE! Spinal misalignments may not look like much on x-ray, but once corrected, new doors of HEALTH and VITALITY can open up for those under care.

Don’t let the small measurements fool you. A few millimeters can make the difference between needless suffering or amazing health.


About the author: Rob Shaw, D.C. is an Upper Cervical chiropractor practicing in Milldale, CT. He’s a graduate of NYCC, and developer of

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