How to Feel Better in 7 Days

If you’re suffering from headaches, fatigue, decreased energy, mental fog, or joint pain, here’s a simple way to start feeling better in just 7 days.

Before I tell you the secret (it’s really not a secret), you have to be make the decision to do it right. That means you’re not allowed to take any short cuts. If you take the liberty of changing the rules, don’t be surprised that it doesn’t work.

Now, here’s what you can do…

Buy 4-7 jugs of distilled water (1-gal size). For seven days, the only liquid you can consume is the water from these jugs. That means no coffee, juice, soda, milk, tea, energy drinks, Kool-aid, or alcohol. That also means no tap water.

Just… Distilled… Water…

Is there anything wrong with purified drinking water or spring water? Absolutely not… In fact, once the experiment is over, I would actually encourage you to drink pure spring water instead. But this is an experiment, and you need to eliminate as many variables as possible. Stick with distilled exclusively for these 7 days.

How much should you drink per day? Weigh yourself on a scale, and cut this number in half. That’s the number of ounces you should consume each day throughout the week. If you weigh 200-lbs, your target volume is 100-ounces daily. That adds up to 700-oz of water over 7 days. One gallon of water equals 128-ounces, so for this example, a 200-lb man will need 6 jugs.

Pace yourself… You have all day to drink this amount of water.

Depending on how much liquid you normally drink, you may notice an increase in the number of times you visit the bathroom. That’s okay; your bladder is a balloon. If you’re chronically dehydrated, it has to adapt to carrying this much water. Eventually, it will.

If you insist on using ice cubes, make fresh ones with your distilled water.

Many of the ailments that drive people to the doctor are caused by nothing more than chronic dehydration. This “experiment” is designed to reintroduce a healthy amount of water into your system. When properly hydrated, the body will dissolve many of the symptoms that people are suffering from on a daily basis.

Give it a try, and see how you feel after seven days!

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