A Presidential Explanation of Chiropractic Care

Important things need to be protected. Since the President of the United States is arguably the most important person in the country, he requires the protection of an elite security detail known as the Secret Service. The limo shown above is an armored Cadillac called The Beast. It’s entirely bulletproof, and the Secret Service uses it to insure the President’s safety.

Your Central Nervous System (CNS) is “the president” of your body. It’s responsible for a lot of really important decisions too, like how to beat your heart, how much oxygen you need, how to expel toxins, and how to heal injuries.

Mother Nature designed its own version of “The Beast” for your body. It’s called the Spine, and it provides armored casing to protect a vital portion of your CNS from harm.

Secret Service agents surround the Commander-in-Chief in a very specific pattern. If just one of these agents is out of position, the President is at risk.

The same rule applies to the bones of your spine. If just one gets out of its intended position, your health is at risk. The function of your heart, lungs, kidneys, and digestive organs can suffer if delicate nerve tissue gets irritated by spinal misalignment. (Don’t believe me? Click here to find out what can happen if you fracture the smallest bone in your neck.)

Similar to how the President depends on the Secret Service for protection, you depend on your spine. There are no magical protection pills to swallow…

Notice I haven’t mentioned anything about back pain… Chiropractic care was never intended to be a treatment for back spasms, herniated disks, whiplash or sciatica. Musculoskeletal symptoms arise when spinal bones are misaligned, but other aspects of your body are suffering as well… Most people just haven’t learned the connection yet!

Chiropractors adjust the spine because your nervous system depends on it.

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