Don’t Be That Guy

Every so often I get a phone call from a prospective patient that sounds something like this…

“I hurt my back. I can’t move. Can I come in today?”

I do my best to help these patients in their time of need, but experience has taught me that these requests can often be interpreted this way instead…

“I’ve neglected my spine for decades. I’m skeptical of chiropractors and think you’re all quacks… but this really inconveniences me, so I’m willing to give you a chance to meet my unrealistic expectations. By the way, after you’ve helped me, I’m going to blame you if my budget health insurance plan doesn’t cover 100% of the cost. Can I come in today?”

Of course this is a tongue-in-cheek interpretation, but there’s a lot of truth to it. Assuming a chiropractor can fix years of spinal neglect with one treatment is like paying the minimum balance due on a maxed out credit card and expecting the debt to be wiped clean.

I know it seems like you went to bed perfectly healthy and woke up the next day unable to turn your head… or that your back was just fine before lifting that heavy box. But consider the fact that you’ve used your spine every minute of every day since the moment you were born. How tattered and ragged would a pair of shoes get if you wore them that much?

When you use anything that often, wear-and-tear is inevitable, so upkeep is essential. This “maintenance” is something millions of Americans completely disregard. So visit a chiropractor before you’re incapacitated with pain. Don’t be that guy…

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