Do It For Me

People pay others to do all sorts of stuff like mow their lawn, manicure their yard, clean their pool, tidy up their home/office, or babysit their children. Successful business models have been developed based on our society’s lack of time/desire to do things ourselves. There are wedding planners, event caterers, dog-walkers and even personal concierge services.

For enough cash, you can pay someone to do just about anything. This “do it for me” mindset is a blessing in many ways, but not when it comes to improving your health. No one can lose weight, eat a healthier diet, or exercise for you. Examples of “do it for me” thinking include:

  • Relying on medication instead of changing your lifestyle
  • Expecting the doctor to “undo” the effects of your bad habits
  • Being dependent on “Grandma Aetna” to pay all of your medical bills

Recovery is a two-way street. Doctors play a role, but the person ultimately responsible for getting you better is… you!

Nobody’s gonna do it all for you.

One Comment

Great post! The patients in my office who tend to heal the fastest are those who take their health into their own hands, ask questions, and perform appropriate exercises at home.

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