What Does it Feel Like to Have an Upper Cervical Subluxation?

Watching TV on exclusively HD channels has really spoiled me. I feel a little deprived whenever I have to watch non-HD “standard def” shows, and can’t help but wonder how I survived watching TV this “old way” for so long. In theory, it’s the same show right? But the crisp, sharp, color-rich HD shows are much more enjoyable to watch!

It’s a good way to describe what it feels like to have (or not have) a subluxation. You see, once people begin receiving upper cervical adjustments, many describe feelings of improved focus, clarity, and concentration. They begin sleeping better, wake up feeling refreshed without those old aches and pains, and describe being more productive at work. That’s living life in HD.

Brain fog, haziness, fatigue, headaches, chronic pain, and low energy are what people living in non-HD experience. Sadly, this is “standard def” because they’ve been living this way for so long that they don’t know what it feels like to live any differently. Subluxation deprives your body of potential.

Can you live with the effects of subluxation? Sure… but life is much more enjoyable when your body is functioning properly. So if you don’t already have a chiropractor, find one, and go get adjusted. It’ll open your eyes to a whole new world of health.

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Once again, great job! I love the outside-the-box ways you come up with to explain what we do!

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