My Front Hurts

I’ve lost count how many times someone has told me their back hurts. I’m yet to hear someone tell me their front hurts though. (The exception being Roseanne Barr in this Snicker’s commercial.)

I’m not surprised, since “My front hurts” isn’t a very sophisticated or helpful way of describing one’s pain. Tell a medical doctor that your front hurts and he’ll think you’re either an idiot or a hobo. Fortunately for them, people are much better at describing symptoms in other parts of the body.

Yet, when it comes to the spine or any posterior portion of their body from the waist up, people confidently lump everything into one vague category – The Back. 

Whenever a new patient tells me their back hurts, I ask them to point to the area. One person will point to his shoulder; another touches her neck; a third points to their kidney. It’s a bit awkward seeing how anatomically-uninformed people can be…

Perhaps it’s because our society is so focused on the front (eyes, nose, teeth, chest, abs), that it has become common for people to completely neglect the health of their spine…

Here are 14 warning signs that suggest you may have a developing spinal condition. Take a look. Maybe you’ve been putting a little too much emphasis on “the front” of you?

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