How Long Can an Adjustment Last?

The gold standard in Upper Cervical Care is how long the adjustment lasts. Therefore, the longer a patient can hold their correction, the better off they are!

This was an exciting week in my St Louis chiropractic office… Another patient was welcomed into our “One Year Adjustment Club.” It’s a special designation awarded to patients who can hold their upper cervical correction for one year or longer. While the recipient did come in for periodic checkups throughout the year, she hasn’t actually needed an adjustment since June of 2008.

When patients are able to reach this 12-month mark, it’s truly special, and a terrific demonstration of potential.

While chiropractic adjustments are beneficial, they’re not intended to be given all the time. In fact, the fewer adjustments a person needs, the better! “Needing” an adjustment means that the spine has misaligned, thereby altering nerve transmission, and impairing some form of physiologic function… these aren’t things we want happening!

If you’re currently under the care of a chiropractor, how often are you getting adjusted?