Research Finds Atlas Correction Improves High Blood Pressure

In 2007, the Journal of Human Hypertension published findings from a pilot study that demonstrated the effectiveness of Upper Cervical Care on high blood pressure. The surprising results of the study swept news stations across America, and a number of media outlets covered the story.

While those broadcasts are easily accessible on the Internet, I recently found the researchers themselves being interviewed on Chicago Tonight. It provides valuable insight into the physiology of an atlas vertebra. One quote by the cardiologist who investigated the original claims really stands out, so I’d like to share it with you:

“This vertebra is unique in the sense that it is movable… and let’s not forget it’s not just nerves going through there; there are arteries and there are veins going around there… and it turns out that neurosurgeons have observed in surgical procedures that if they move that vertebra a bit, they unkink vessels, and all of a sudden blood flow improves to the brain… intra-operatively, blood pressure drops significantly.”

– George Backris, M.D. (Cardiologist)

If you have some time, I encourage you to watch the 14-min video.

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