Do You Have Meniere’s Disease?

I found this article from the International Tinnitus Journal on PubMed referencing a condition known as Cervical Oto-Ocular syndrome. COO is believed to be a precursor to Meniere’s Disease.

420 patients were observed over a 4-year time span. They suffered from symptoms like fullness of the ear, fluctuating hearing, vertigo, and tinnitus. Among this group of participants, 233 of them were found to have a problem within their upper cervical spine.

This finding suggests that more than half of Meniere’s Disease and COO sufferers have a functional disorder within the upper region of the neck that contributes to their symptoms. The authors found that, “The functional disorder of the upper cervical spine is regarded as a potential threat to the Eustachian tube.”

As an Upper Cervical chiropractor, I’ve met with a variety of patients who suffer from vertigo, ringing of the ear, and Meniere’s Disease. Interestingly, many have responded very well to Upper Cervical Care, and get favorable results. While not all types of Meniere patients will respond the same way, this study offers encouragement to sufferers who are searching for lasting relief.

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